Brand Story

Oriah is a versatile eco-friendly luxury swimwear & resort-wear brand based in Los Angeles, CA. We embrace the art of slow fashion and incorporating ethics that protect the planet. 

Oriah releases collections that have been carefully constructed and curated, incorporating breathable and recycled fabrics to create lavish prints and bold designs that are innovative– the cornerstones of our brand. 

At Oriah we take our time to make pieces that we love and we know you will love. We are not trend lead but instead design timeless, stand out designs that surpass the seasons. 

Versatile styles abound in our latest collection which features flirty cuts with a minimalistic aesthetic that can be worn in a variety of ways. Our Resort-wear features sultry maxi dresses that drape just right to matching outfits sets.  Our eco-luxury swimwear designs are bold and perfectly fitted.

Oriah’s prints are unique, abstract, and avant-garde, representing the elements of the wild tropics in an inspirational way.

This line is inspired by designer and founder Usha Dean's global lifestyle. She draws on her time growing up in the wild tropics of Goa. Surrounded by nature her whole life, has helped shape her passion for protecting the planet. 

Our latest collection is designed to take women through the day and well into the nights. From a joyful sunset soiree to a summer festival dance! We got you covered in style!

 Brand Spirit

Oriah is designed for the true trailblazers, globetrotters, sun chasers, and fashion forward. She exudes a carefree attitude that is as bold and adventurous as our designs - a renaissance woman that forges her own path with no regrets. Oriah represents the sophisticated rebel, the free-spirited woman with limitless potential that lives with a summer spirit which shines through and through.


Her Elements

She embodies the element of fire and is fearless, she embodies the element of water and is fluid. She allows herself to be sultry and graceful like the wind yet rooted in her earthly essence. Step into the WILDE