The Brand

Welcome to the home of eco-luxe beach and resort wear.

At Oriah, we’re on a mission to create a luxury experience through sustainable fashion.

Our ethos is founded on the idea of embracing slow fashion and protecting our planet by creating ethical resort wear. Our versatile designs are time capsules to keep in your closet for seasons to come.

We’re a community of globetrotters, trailblazers, sun-chasers, and slow fashion advocates. The Oriah woman is bold and adventurous, not afraid to take risks while going through life with her carefree attitude. She’s a renaissance woman who is forging  her own path in life. She’s a risk-taker with a free spirit and no regrets.

Oriah is the home of the next generation of leaders. The rebels with a cause going through life with a summer spirit that shines through in every step she takes. As a sustainable fashion brand, Oriah strives to show that slow fashion is best for your closet, our planet, and your wallet.

Embrace Oriah. Embrace the future of fashion. Embrace the environment.